Wednesday, February 21, 2018
New Church Building
new church

Our church extension proposal has won in the court to our favor. This extension will cost approximately $2.2 Million Dollars. In addition, the outlines for this project will cost around $80,000. We are asking you to help in the project with your donation. And you should always remember, God does not look for amount as He said about the widow with the two mites, even the smallest donation can help. More importantly, pray that the project may be successful and beneficial to the congregation.

This extention project has begun in the Fall of 2012. As of Friday, October 5, 2012, Church servants and members have begun moving everything on the Eastern side of the Church in order to prepare for the demolition in the next few days. The praying room, abouna's office, basement hallway, and basement rooms will all be demolished.

With the grace of God, demolition of the Eastern side of the church will begin on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012.  This will be followed by construction of the new building estimated to begin on Wednesday, October 24th 2012. The anticipated completion period of this project is about nine months, God willing.

The new building will be double the size of our current church. The structure of the church will consist of three floors and a basement. The basement will serve as a large kitchen in addition to the bookstore. The first floor will be the main Church. The second floor will contain all the rooms for the many classes, including sunday school, choir, hymns, etc. The third floor will be a large library with computers. There will also be a private elevator for special uses. The old Church will be connected to the new church through two doorways on the sides. This will allow the old church to serve as an "extension" during feasts and occasions. On all other times, the old church will lead the english Liturgies and the new church will lead the arabic Liturgies. God willing, a priest with proficiency in english will be added to our church.

The church is need of everyone's prayers and monetary contributions.  To make an online contribution via PayPal, click on 'Contribute' on the top toolbar. If you prefer to make a donation by mail, please mail your check to:

Virgin Mary & St. John Coptic Orthodox Church
PO Box 945
Bayonne, NJ  07002

May God bless you and remember to keep this project in your prayers.


News Report(s):
+ Court's Approval of Church Extension

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